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PIOP Mastiha Museum

Επαρ.Οδ. Πυργίου-Εμπορειος, Χίος 821 02, Ελλάδα
The Chios Mastic Museum is located in the Mastichochoria (literally: mastic villages), a group of medieval villages in Southern Chios, the only site in the Mediterranean where the mastic tree, or Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia,…


Δωρόθεου Πρώιου 11, Χίος 821 00, Ελλάδα
The Koraes Library is one of the biggest libraries in Greece. Founded in 1792, it was originally an annex to the Great School of Chios. The latter currently houses the 1st Middle School of Chios.…


Επαρ.Οδ. Χίου-Κεραμού, Βολισσός 821 03, Ελλάδα
Volissos (Greek: Βολισσός) is the largest village in the northwest part of Chios, Aegean Islands, Greece. The village is situated 40 km away from the main town of Chios. Volissos has a port called "Limia"…


Vitiadou 8, Κάμπος Χίου 821 00
The development of the Kampos as the southwards continuation of the town of Chios began in the years of Genoese domination (1346-1566). It was the foreign overlords (The Giustiniani) who organized the islands economy on…


Unnamed Road, Olimpi 821 02, Ελλάδα
Olympos, like the very picturesque neighboring villages of Mesta and Pyrgi, is one of the 21 mastic villages of Chios During the Genoese period (1346-1566), the village as well as the rest of the Mastic…
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