INNOVIMENTOR (Balkan-Mediterranean)



Rila Monastery Nature Park Bоthanical Trail, Kirilova Medow, Rila Lakes, the Spirituality of Danovism

The guided Bothanical trail is demonstrating information and knowledge on over 100 plants of a high conservation significance. The visitor willhear about the critical importance for preserving endemic species such as the Rila cowslip, the…

Rila Monastery Nature Park: The Dendrological Path – the Whisper of the Trees

The Park is the home of some of the oldest natural forests on the Balkans. The average age of the trees is 100 years, but there are some trees as old as 300 years. The…

Rila Monastery Nature Park: the Info Center

The Nature Park Rila Monastery, set on a territory of 27,370.7 hectares of forests, meadows and alpine peaks, is a wealth of rare and protected wildlife species, plant survivors of past geological ages and some…

Tourist routes: Belasitsa Butterflies and Flowers; The Life of the Chestnut; Guest house -Orchidea-

Unnamed Road, 2881 Belasitsa, Βουλγαρία
The 'Butterflies and Flowers of Belasitsa' is about the world full of beauty and colour and learning about the diurnal butterflies and flowering plants in the park. The route 'The Life of the Chestnut' of…

Belasitsa Nature Park Info Center, Kolarovo Village

Unnamed Road, 2881 Belasitsa, Βουλγαρία
The Belaitsa Nature Park's info center is the perfect place for acquaintance with the equilibrium between Nature and Culture, achieved through millenniums' long intertwinning between them. The hidden treasures of the natural and cultural heritage…

Petrich Museum: Linking the Present to the Past Times

ul. "Bulgaria" 796, 2850 Tsentar, Petrich, Βουλγαρία
The historical museum - Petrich is relatively new, created in 2006 on the basis of the museum collection in 1966. Today, the Historical Museum - Petrich has more than 18 000 museum exhibits, completed in…

Bachevo Village: Kukeri – Emissaries of Hopes

Unnamed Road, 2769 Bachevo, Βουλγαρία
Bachevo village is known for authenticity of the kukeri festivities. There, almost every family takes part in tgem. Over 160 people from the Razlog village took part in the regional 2019's festival in Simitli, 50…

Vlahi village: Resilient Legacy of Karakachani people

The BBPS SEMPERVIVA is a Bulgarian Biodiversity Presentation Society is a non-governmental NGO, established in the village of Vlahi,  with a priority of work on studying and saving of rarebiodiversity conservation NGO, with a priority…

Heraclea Sintica: Making the Most of the Past

Heraclea Sintica is an ancient Thracian, Greek, and Roman city located near the town of Petrich in Southwest Bulgaria. It was the center of the ancient region of Sintica along the Struma River, which was…

Yagodina Cave (The Devil’s Throat), Rodopi: The Home of Orpheus-Mysteries and Realities

With an entrance, resembling a devil's head with a waterfall rushing down its throat, the cave is ten kilometers long and five stories in height, this cave features remarkable natural formations including pipe-like stalactites, cave…
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