INNOVIMENTOR (Balkan-Mediterranean)

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Olympos, like the very picturesque neighboring villages of Mesta and Pyrgi, is one of the 21 mastic villages of Chios
During the Genoese period (1346-1566), the village as well as the rest of the Mastic villages experienced great prosperity. This made the place an attractive target for pirates, so at that time, the village was surrounded by a wall of 5 meters high (7 meters with the loopholes) which had 4 towers. The entrance and the exit were made by a single door, which is still preserved in the Lower Door. After 1821 another two doors were opened, one in Agios Georgios and one in the school. The central door closed at night, as when a pirates raided. During the raid, all residents were entering the village to defend themselves. Apart from the outer wall, the defense, which was reinforced by the dense arrangement of the walls, there was the particular tower in the center of the village, which should have been something of a command, but also the last point of defense in the event that enemies managed to pass the external fortification. Its construction must have taken place at the same time as the towers at Pyrgi and Dothia, that is, at the beginning of the 15th century.

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