INNOVIMENTOR (Balkan-Mediterranean)



Nicosia Water Board Museum

Λεωφ. Αθαλάσσας 86, Στρόβολος, Κύπρος
The museum provides a history of how people would get their supply of water from buckets and wells to old concrete taps and finally to running water in homes. The museum is situated next to…

Chapel of St. Marina

Αγίας Μαρίνας 4, Στρόβολος 2059, Κύπρος
It was built in 1935 at the initiative of  a local man, named Hadjipanais Hadjisavva, on the ruins of an oldest church. The building was completed on July 17, 1937, the day of the celebration…

Strovolos Historical Core Center

Αρχιεπισκόπου Κυπριανού 58a, Στρόβολος, Κύπρος
Old Strovolos is the traditional core of Strovolos, the biggest municipality in the wider metropolitan area of Nicosia. The diversity and richness of the area are known although still hidden and undervalued. Points of interest…

Strovolos Municipal Theatre

Στροβόλου 105c, Στρόβολος 2040, Κύπρος
The Strovolos Municipal theatre is located next to the premices of the Municipality at a central artery of the municipality, at 100, Strovolos avenue, at a parallel with the Linear park of the Pedieos river.…

Agios Dimitrios Park

PE Center, Strovolos, Κύπρος
The Municipal park of Agios Dimitrios is the biggest one in the municipality of Strovolos and is found between the Marakrios Hospital and the English School. It is planned in a smart way, resulting to…

Pedieos Linear Park

Αρχιεπισκόπου Κυπριανού 11, Στρόβολος 2059, Κύπρος
The Linear Park Pediaios in Cyprus was established in 2002 and is a green lung for Nicosia, with a 14 kilometers long pavement which passes through Lakatamia, Strovolos and the city center. The Linear Park…

Acropolis Exhibition Park Area (Caves)

Ανδρέα Βλάμη 8, Στρόβολος, Κύπρος
The exclusive area of the Caves at the Acropolis Park operate as an exhibition area to promote culture, the arts and literature. Its different sections have been recently renovated with the necessary infrastructure for lectures,…

St. George Church

Αρχιεπισκόπου Κυπριανού 61, Στρόβολος, Κύπρος
In the heart of the Strovolos area, very close to the church of Panagia Chryseleousa, in a beautiful picturesque neighborhood, is located this stone church dedicated to the Trophy-carrier St. George. The church was built…

Panagia Chryseleousis Church

Παναγιάς Χρυσελεούσης 5b, Στρόβολος 2059, Κύπρος
Panagia's Chryseleousis church was built over the remains of the older church dated at around 12 to 13 Century. Based on the inscription on the north side of the temple, the temple was built around…

Strovolos Cultural Center – Municipal Library

Αρχιεπισκόπου Κυπριανού 34, Στρόβολος, Κύπρος
Strovolos Cultural Center is located at 34, Archibishop Kyprianou Street, in the space where the old Town Hall was housed, which has been restored to promote culture. The new building is a combination of modern…

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