INNOVIMENTOR (Balkan-Mediterranean)

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The castle of Chios was constructed in the medieval period with its first construction phase having started in the 10th century by the Byzantines. The structures surviving to this day are part of later construction and expansion dated to the time when the Genoese, who maintained commercial concerns, ruled the island during the 14th to the 16th century.The construction of the castle started in 1328 by the Genoan lord of the island Martino Zaccaria. In 1329 it was captured by the Byzantines but the Genoans returned in 1346. The Genoan presence lasted until 1556. During this period, the island was administrated by Maona, a commercial company. Since 1362, the heads of the company belonged to the family of Giustiniani.In 1556 the forces of the Ottoman Sultan Souleiman occupied the island. In 1694, the Venetians captured the island for a brief period of 6 months. Then the Turtks came back and stayed there until 1922, when Chios became part of Greece.

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