INNOVIMENTOR (Balkan-Mediterranean)

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The astonishing exterior of this natural geological phenomena has always inspired the imagination in visitors as well as in locals. The human mind is designed to seek explanations and understanding in order to feel control over things that evoke awe or are otherwise frightening for it. Nevertheless a place with numerous tall stone pillars shaped like human silhouettes is awe-evoking, so the untiring imagination came up with a solution about how it must’ve happened, where things did go wrong to end up in this remarkable result…

The site is consisted of over 150 naturally formed stone pillars in an ambiental area of 0.3 km2. They are formed by erosion of the soil and overflow of waters.  Their existence is dating back from the Holocene, about 100.000 years ago. They are rare and stunning site, common for volcanic sites such as this area of North Macedonia.


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