INNOVIMENTOR (Balkan-Mediterranean)

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North Macedonia’s living museum, a town with great charm and rich history. Kratovo was and still is a miner’s town, since ancient times. No dwarves live here, but the local stories are as curious and enchanted as if they are part of any fantasy book you can think of. Walk up the cobbled streets and cross the bridges looking up to the towers above you. Sit and relax in the shades of pines older than 600 years and try some local food while you’re there.
The outline of the town is peculiar due to the limited space, the town is located in the crater of an extinct volcano.

You will remember Kratovo for its Ottoman-era towers and tall stone bridges. There are just few preserved towers: Clock tower, Tower of Emin Bey, Tower of Abedin Efendi, Tower of Asan Efendi, and many more bridges (Rada’s Bridge, Grofchanski Bridge, Hawzi –Pasha’s Bridge…)

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