INNOVIMENTOR (Balkan-Mediterranean)

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Another lively ancient town in fortifications, abandoned by its citizens and left to tell the tales of times past. The region in which it is situated has, however, very turbulent history and much influence in local and national historical events. Bargala became an important cultural and religious center in the 5th century. The unstable situation in the late Roman Empire IV and V century, that caused flurries of barbarian tribes from the north, forced the city residents to withdraw 4 km to the south, at the foot of Mount Plachkovica and the area “Kozji Grad”, where they had continued the urban lifestyle.
Following the pattern of late Roman castrum strengthened by 6 defensive towers built here was established early Byzantine city Bargala. The entrance of the town was through the main gate, which was well defended. It was built on the north wall 12 m high. The modern city of Shtip has another citadel in which a very curious ritual takes place every spring, a long held tradition now listed in the UNESCO intangible heritage list.

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